Weeding the website

One of the reasons that we need more gravel
Last week was a bit grim and grey. I seemed to spend the week weeding the driveway and updating the website. I need to weed the driveway so that we can finally spread the gravel that we bought, and I need to update the website because quite frankly, it wasn't too enticing and it needed corrections (it's getting there)
The gravel being delivered in June

When it rained or my back was aching too much or I'd simply had enough, I stopped weeding and carried on with the website. When the sun shone or my back was aching or I'd simply had enough, I stopped working on the website and went out to weed again. Freddy was painting and we both had given up on the list of things to do which we had written with all good intentions on the Sunday evening by the Friday. By Saturday Freddy had run out of paint and I had run out of patience with both the weeds and the website. Freddy had council meetings, we have more bookings for the chambre d'hote, we even went out on the Friday night for fish and chips. It was our first evening out since March. In March we went out to the restaurant/bar in the village - Vive la difference - for a St. Patricks evening.
St, Patrick's meal.
The spectre of things to come was already apparent as the band, Terre Celtique had to cancel due to having Covid19 in their village and at 9pm that evening the announcement came through that all bars and restaurants had to close by midnight - the evening sort of fizzled out a bit after that. We attended a birthday meal on the Sunday and the full lockdown came on Monday and continued for two loooooooong months.
So, on Friday we went out for the evening to have fish and chips at Vive la difference. Apart from the had gel, masks, separate tables and other hygiene considerations, it had a feeling of deja-vu about it, and yet, the whole world has changed.
Vive la Difference in Montpinchon together with anti Covid-19 regulations and hand gel. 
The world is different now and many people are no longer alive to enjoy it including my second cousin. The world will probably continue to be different for some time to come and as there is likely to be a second waive before too long, who knows what the future will hold - however at the moment we have our freedom, maybe a reduced freedom but a freedom none the less. Weeding and working on websites and painting ceilings takes on a new significance because we're still here to do it. The world has changed and yet we carry on doing much the same things as we did before. It's all different but the same and we're lucky enough to still be alive to enjoy it.
Does this sound depressing? it shouldn't, just rejoice in life and all that it brings - make the most of it while you have it. We are lucky enough to live in a place where we can make the most of our lives to to be-able to have people to come to stay with us who can share it with us. The page I was working on was all to do with what there is to see and do in the area that we live in. It reminded me not only of all the amazing places we have visited since we've lived here, but also of all the places we've yet to see - and despite everything, we're still alive to be-able to see them.


It still needs the improved French translation but the page is looking much better now.